We Create The New Brands

We create and commercialize world-class brands for influencers, artists, actors, and celebrities.

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What We Do

Hi, We’re The New Brand. We are a full-spectrum brand incubator servicing the needs of today’s biggest personalities. We create thoughtful products and bold strategies that both deliver on the needs of today’s consumers & create new revenue for those with existing audiences.

We handle the design, development, product sourcing, strategy, marketing, and management of your store.

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Two Decades

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Two Decades

Over 20 years of collective experience
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How we do it

Our process


This is where the journey starts. After an initial meeting, we work together to explore your interests, passions, and audience overlaps to identify an angle and an energy for your store. We apply both creative and business frameworks to identify verticals with high potential for both scale and exit opportunity.

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Product Exploration

The process of product exploration entails honing in on a vision of your desired product line and discovering the suppliers who will bring the ideas to reality. We act as liaisons during this process and handle all of the details that generally hold people back from creating their own product.

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Asset Development

During the asset development phase we work to create an identity (logo, colors, copy), website, marketing collateral, and other designs necessary for the successful launch of your brand. During this phase, we will also work hand in hand with you and your team to develop an organic marketing strategy to leverage your audience to drive traffic to your new site.

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Launch Phase

Launch phase is where we hit the ground running with your first drop. Our planning meets action, this is when the fruits of our labor materialize. Working in tandem with you and your team, this phase also includes the beginning of marketing efforts.

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Growth & Maintenance

During the growth and maintenance phase we build out the automated marketing flows and systems that power your store. Here, we will continue to optimize and grow your operations while identifying opportunities for expansion and an eventual exit (acquisition).

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Who we are
About Us

We are a team of builders with deep experience in developing and creating brands, experiences, communities, and campaigns.

Half creative and half business, we are passionate about creating *things* people actually care about.

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